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ArtFira presents Eastern European Art with an emphasis on traditional academic as well as contemporary Ukrainian Art. Represented artists are well established, members of the Ukrainian Artist's Union, many of whom have been recipients of top awards Nationally and Internationally. The artists are distinguished by their exceptional skills, strong academic background, personal styles and techniques.

Custom Publishing

Artfira.com offers design, pre-press, and high quality offset printing services at the lowest price. We specialize in art catalogue and other art related publications. Whether you need to print 100 or 1000 copies, please allow us to provide you with our best quote at no cost to you.

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Specialty shipping service for all types of artwork. We can pick up, pack with acid free material, crate and ship your artwork from New York Metro area to all major airports in the world. We work with agents who provide customs clearance services in Geneva, Paris and London. We offer competitive rates for air freight shipment to Ukraine and Russia. We have experience in shipping artwork for art exhibitions at museums via ATA Carnet.

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Artfira.com offers appraisal services, authentication, advisory services, fine art research and sales brokerage services worldwide.


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