• 03.06.2014  Maidan. Ukraine. The Way to Freedom

    • On June 5, 2014 the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin will present an exhibition entitled “Maidan. Ukraine. The Way to Freedom.” A number of art projects will be shown during this event. As part of his art-performance, Kyiv based artist Matviy Vaisberg will paint the Berlin Wall to the “Sound of the Maidan” in the background. Cinema of the civil protest group ‘Babylon’13‘ will present a series of documentaries about recent events at the Independence Square in Kyiv. Photographers Ihor Haidai and Maxim Dondyuk will show a series of photographs entitled “Maidan Saga.” On exhibit will be a series of posters entitled ‘I am a drop in the ocean’ curated by Victor Sai. ‘GrozovSka Band’ and group ‘Mandry’ will have a concert at the opening of the exhibition, which is organized by Dukat Art Foundation with the support of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. For more information please email to info@mauermuseum.de
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